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Wednesday, July 27, 2011
12:52 am CEST - ✘ Skitty - July 11th
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Happy belated Birthday, Zippy.

Did you have as much fun on your day of birthday as I did?

I can only hope so.

Anyways, I've been back in Texas for about a week now. Still getting adjusted to being back here. I went to Illinois for about a week then impulsively went to Florida to see Snakey~
♥ Got a tad lost on the last bit of the trail, but I got there with that neat little free standard app on my phone. Yay for progress! xD It was really nice, the traffic was awful. I would do it all again though.

Got my shower fixed up a bit, new shower head. I forgot I broke one of the handles, I got so use to it that I nearly asked my dad why in the world was he changing the handles. In the end, the handles were super corroded on the inside that those too had to be replaced and now I have part of a wall that had to be cut through. And the guys left a mess, tch.

Had to get a freaking piecing of wood cut so my cats would stop going in my closet. I had them broken of this issue long before I left, but my aunt and uncle aren't big animal people.. So I can imagine them being left to do as they wished while I was away. Water and swatting at their fleeing furry butts isn't working, so I had to bug my dad to cut a piece of wood to stick in the way.

I have no plans to travel again soon, but you never know. Can someone just tell me how the Harry Potter stuff ends? I've been asking and all anyone says is to watch/read it or some BS silly conclusion to how they'd see it ending (i.e. Ron and Harry poking each other
xD) and I'd rather not sit through the movie. Lately, I've been awful with my movie watching attention span. And I remember the last HP movies just boring me due to having lost track of what's going on. So please, some just ruin the movie/book and tell me what the heck happens? I'll give you a cookie! XD

But now, I must go help wash a doggie. Peace!
♡ These things you cannot know ♡

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
02:15 am CEST - ✘ Skitty - Sorry, but I like the top too..
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So go cry over it then come back when I care ;P

Anyways, trying to find a lawyer again before time runs out. Fun, fun..

Plans to leave Friday for Illinois and some fun~

Mostly worried about my kitties, my uncle is not an animal man. And my male kitty is a scared-y cat. Jeez..

Also.. nothing wrong with being old! Then again, I'm barely older than you Shikki.

I've had white hairs due to having my friends dye my hair. Mhm.. Those were always fun, never really cared about it and it still tended to look decent.

Careless and luck..?


♡ These things you cannot know ♡

Thursday, June 02, 2011
08:34 pm CEST - ✘ Skitty - Well..
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Too bad Shikki.

You're not always going to be the one on top.

Wifi is hooked up, randomly downloaded a game during mass boredom, it's pointless but I can't stop.

That damn chihuahua is getting annoying.. Worst idea to accept her on my dad's part.

Dun, dun, dun. Still waiting to head up north, not sure who the hell is going or what now. But if that woman goes, I'll think about staying. An entire house to myself for possibly a week. Sounds grand to me!

But that'd mess up my job, so.. who knows.

I'm really thinking of getting muzzles for the animals. That way if they chew on stuff, slap it on and they'll figure it out.

The place next door has vacated

♡ These things you cannot know ♡

Monday, April 25, 2011
06:26 pm CEST - ✘ Skitty - Happy Day After Zombie Day!
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Find that rude? I don't care. It's all for fun, no need to huff and puff over things~

Didn't do what I wanted to do, but I had pizza so I don't care much.

Listened to more lies and tales spun from that woman's mouth. Some of it is recorded. Mostly because I was told to, it may or may not come in handy later. Though she did avoid the main question, so she's still hiding stuff.

My father's business is doing decently. So, it may be able to stable out into something good. Which is fine either way.

Those of you who lead normal lives, keep them that way. Life seems like a Wonderland these days. Something new always coming to shake up the foundation of your life.

Getting the hang of my new phone, though it is annoying when it automatically can switch to a different conversation and end up sending the wrong person the wrong message. Or forget to reply all together. Zombie Farm is kind of fun, but being based on Relative Time is a bit annoying. Might start playing Okami in a few days, depending on how things go really.

Still waiting to buy a GPS for my car, after that.. Depending on a few things, I may just visit a few people. Only a few and if they're on my way to another destination. Which will leave the Mid-West and East side of the country. Should be fun~

Eh, I'm bored even further now.


♡ These things you cannot know ♡

Sunday, April 10, 2011
02:13 am CEST - ✘ Skitty - Hmm..
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Got an iPhone. Which means... I've got a new number yet again! Seriously, it's beginning to seem like I change numbers at least ONCE every year. Such a hassle.

Also, switching lawyers for the house case. To probably kill two cases with one lawyer since the current one will not go against another lawyer. Ah well.

A relative of theirs let loose that they might be doing something even worse. I'd say what but I don't feel like going over their stupidity even more.

Checking into if my brother had a child. There are chances for it, but I don't know if the advertisement has gone out or not. It's hard to get the full facts from my dad sometimes. Well, maybe a lot of the time.

He's started up a business. Just strolled in and said:
"J&R Landscaping!" Which is a bit startling, since normally he talks about it but unable to find good people for a business to start up. But he has found one and so far he's getting everything done that's needed.

For some reason my cat is suddenly turning into a random meowing stalker. Might eventually figure out what's going on, but until then. Stalker Kitty Alert!

Really looking into investing into a GPS now. So maybe in a month or so, I'll just call and see when they can install one from the Scion dealership around here.

I've informed my dad that I may take off randomly on a road trip. For once he seems reasonable and called me a liar for saying I hate flying on planes. Which I entirely do, but not for the "Oh, my god! We're gonna crash!" fear. It's just bothersome to me and I'd much rather prefer driving.

Hmm.. Not sure what other news to update on. Just haven't been here for a while.

♡ These things you cannot know ♡

Sunday, March 20, 2011
10:44 pm CET - ✘ Skitty - Ugh..
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Got my ipod the day after the last blog. Went in, went out. Pure simplicity. Just how I like it.

Only have a bit over 400 songs and will eventually get around to getting more. Really wish I didn't lose that SD card with a bundle of my music on it. It'd come in handy to upload now and copy to it.

Got another cat, I think he's adjusting fairly well but I've yet to really get him introduced to the dog. Hopefully that doesn't go too bad. One day I'll have to take all the animals in to get bathed then bomb the house. Fleas are eating them up thanks to the damn donkey in the back. Even when I doused my female cat in flea spray, they came right back not long after, though the product says it will work for 30 days.

Helping to quick-pack for my dad's leave. He really can't tolerate being down here with my
mother and I don't blame him. She's not my cup of tea either. Give her an inch and she'll take a mile and all that bubbalou.

Currently attracted to using strange words.

HATE. Cricket stores. Honestly, it's completely stupid how they only sell phones and phones products. Should it break, you've to call their insurance claims service then get a claim number
then go back and they'll get you a new phone. But you'll still have to pay, even if you have that 5$ insurance crap. Same goes if you have to change your name.. (Of course through a different process) For some reason they messed up my name; Kristian. It was correctly printed on the cruddy ID paper I had at the time. Only reason I noticed was when I paid online and it wouldn't accept payment due to names/addresses not matching. What a hassle..

Have to start preparing my dad's taxes for the long form which will take some doing and a working calculator with enough space to enter all the prices. Though I will have to take time to shred all the ATM receipts which should be fun. I have to do it since he's going back up to get work done on his arm and deal with more cases up there.

Seems like the work never ends.

Random pieces of mail or other documents keep popping up as I shift through the clutter the accumulates around here. Mostly due to that woman moving everything in her 'cleaning' which is honestly just snooping in my book.


That's it, I have to go. Stuff to be done now.


♡ These things you cannot know ♡

Thursday, March 10, 2011
06:06 pm CET - ✘ Skitty - Let the fun begin!
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Dropped the search for a college around here or an online one for what I'm looking for. Might continue another time when things require less attention.

So, mailbox is still down. Guess are pause of no revenge on the mailbox made them move theirs further down.


Now we're gonna have TWO game rooms on our street!

Anyone looking to come play? (Not)

Honestly, they are just digging themselves into a big damn hole with this.

1 - My dad's finally pushing the lawyer to go to court with it

2 - There's a crap load of illegal stuff with these properties.

3 - They got served a paper by Cameron County to
stop selling/leasing/offering to sell ANY pieces of land until they begin the subdividing process with this property. (Also no building permits will be given to them too; they were going to build apartments)

4 - They are now changing their auto junkyard into a game room (Which I'm 99.9% sure is illegal)

5 - The guy never once told us (even when we stayed in their house) that he was on the Offenders list.

So, with them opening an illegal game room while they are not suppose to be leasing anything (renting counts as leasing, yes or no? I'll have to look at the paper again) and not to mention once my dad leaves he's asked the county to patrol at night down our street in case they decide to pull anymore crap.. = BIG LOAD OF DONKEY POO (Which thankfully they have cleaned up but seems to be coming back, poor donkey.)

And that's just part of this mess. There's another side but it deals with stuff that most people don't believe (i.e. Tarot Card Lady).

Oooh, which reminds me! A few days ago I almost died. Death and I can't seem to get enough of each other.

Anyways, I was following my dad (pfft, never a good thing) and got stuck behind some cars. Sped up to catch him. A semi was turning into the same lane as me, barely ahead of me and I was going... maybe 70 or so and the semi was probably pushing the same. Regardless, I hit the brakes in time. It probably would've caused a pile-up and I'd be dead for certain. Due to the body of my car (mostly plastic; Scion), speed, and the surrounding cars. (One behind and two on the side plus the semi)

But I wasn't scared, just annoyed that the semi nearly caused me to ruin my car. Which I should wash soon... once we're done playing musical cars! (We have all three again, the red car is done for repairs and is even more customized)

2009 Benz with 2011 tail-lights. I thought by digital that they were gonna be like this one car I saw.. But they aren't.

Managed to find one thing that
didn't talk about saviors and whatnot in a church store. Man, that took some work! My dad would've either bought one for me on his own or he'd just keep bugging me until I got something to put in my car. (Don't ask, part of the other side to the aforementioned legal issues/drama)

And apparently, my dad's gonna get married in like eight months. Told him to play "Marry Me" by Train. It's what the damn song is for! Use it!!!

But.. If they do get married and plan some kind of wedding (only been to one, barely remember it) I am absolutely, positively, no matter what!!! I am
not wearing a dress nor being a one of the people at the front. Ain't happening... Though it may change depending if they bribe me. >.>; (Like you wouldn't do that too!)

Might be getting another German Shepard puppy in a week or so. They're still pretty young from what we saw. We're gonna get a female to later breed with the male we have now.

Huh.. I've never dealt with an actual puppy.. just older dogs/puppies. Weird I guess.

Thinking of getting a bra for my car, help change it to my liking. My dad is warning me of what could happen.. but I think I may still check into it.

I-pod.. Might be getting that soon. I'll have to check some stuff, but when I do.. I may bug some people for music to put on there. (Don't recommend the hard-core rap please, I like to hear the lyrics. No offense, just how I am.)

Well.. That's all for now. Nothing seems to be changing but things are changing, weird but true to me.


♡ These things you cannot know ♡

Wednesday, March 02, 2011
07:13 pm CET - ✘ Skitty - Quack-o~
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Jeez.. March already, huh?

Time is a-flying~!

So, car show was a no-go. My dad's car got backed into a few days prior to it. It's in for repairs for now while he's trying to sort out the insurance policies. And lemme tell ya, insurance companies looking for loopholes are awful.

Of course, not long after that, our mailbox gets whacked. Yup, whacked. It was pre-thought out. Half of it was already sawed through but unfortunately wasn't in viewing range of our cameras. They are a crafty crew, that's for sure.

Now there's banging and random noises nearly any hour of night and day.. Good thing I can at least sleep through that~ Just like a dead person. Sadly, I tend to wake up feeling like a truck had ran me over. But showers take care of that easy

Gonna look into getting an i-Pod. It'll be the first one I ever have.. Very sad to know, but true. Ever since my MP3 got jacked in 8th grade, I didn't bother with another one. Just used music phones. But I'm getting tired of radio commercials and I haven't bothered to buy a CD holder for my car, so I think I'll just get an i-Pod and hook it up. Then, I won't have to deal with annoying old songs. But I need one with a music identifier app or whatever..

Unfortunately, my dad keeps bugging me about college. Mostly from what the tarot lady said. And it's not gonna stop for a while. Bah-hum bug!
xD Might look.. but actually going through with it.. I'm just lazy when it comes to that. Especially if I wind up in TSTC. They annoyed me when we went there not long after we first arrived, because you have to take a public speaking kind of class and I hate public speaking. Not my thing at all. Dammit.. this is where I might need that GPS system.. They put the colleges in randoms spots around here. (In my opinion.)

Finally got my taxes done, and glad I don't have to pay. Might be able to get more hours for work which wouldn't be too bad. At least I could save more with it.

Still mostly just waiting for cases to settle and once they do, who knows~ I might just hop off to randomly travel the country. Seriously, just hit the highway going the other way and just take random turns. I'd get lost as hell, but oh well. I think it'd be fun to try anyways.

Drama-Rama for the family~! Dunno what happened, but now everyone is trying to spend time with grandma. Might be for the house or something.. Though I have heard that she flipped off one of my uncles and aunts because they never visited her. And it's highly funny and awesome that she could remember that plus flip them the bird.
Might have to look into getting my windshield replaced so my dad will stop bugging me about it. I admit, it's a pretty long crack.. But the glue is still holding and you barely notice it until the light hits it in certain ways.

Meh, and Twitter is lame.
xD Haha, nah. I wouldn't know, don't care for those sites much anymore. (Avoiding certain people)

♡ These things you cannot know ♡

Sunday, February 13, 2011
02:00 am CET - ✘ Skitty - FORGIVE ME! ; - ;
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I didn't mean to. And you do the same to me anyways.


Still snooping around for whether it's right or wrong.

Oh well, I'd do it again~

Now to await interviews in which I will secretly giggle at your nervousness, Shikki. Because you'll do fine!
Overachiever! *cough, cough*

Baby, shoot me up
To numb me down~


I've been on here too much recently.

Hmm.. Really thinking of bugging my dad into going to the island. Was thinking of going to my cousin's party.. BUUUUUT I'd probably wind up drunk off my ass for the first time.

Trying to kick soda.. Which is hard when you're in the mood for sweets and a certain adult buys a lot of it. >____0;

All the Top Hit songs seem to be mellow these days.. Like "Rhythm of Love".. I can't think of the others I was going to use as an example.. DAMN YOU BRAIN!

And for a nice rarity.. I agree with Shikki.

You can never post enough blogs!

Bye~ Gonna go soaring again with a better stock ♥ ;]
♡ These things you cannot know ♡

Tuesday, February 08, 2011
06:58 pm CET - ✘ Skitty - Takers...
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Man, that movie was craptastic.

You could tell it was fake!

Same with:
The Boys of Ghost Town

Jeepers Creeper, Jeepers Creeper 2, The Boys of Ghost Town, Takers, and The A-Team.

Didn't have the good stuff for
Jeepers Creeper but we did when we got to Jeepers Creepers 2. Soooo much better. I remember when I first watched those movies as a kid and they scared me. xD

But now it's like: Those graphics suck! and Why wouldn't they just drive as far as they can?

Most movies are like that but.. not as obvious now I guess.

Fell asleep on Shikki and
The A-Team. Didn't mean too.. But I was comfy and I had too much. xD

Oh, people are sooo lucky I'm not one of those people that take the mail that went to the wrong address and snoop. Got some other people's mail and my weirdo dad was being stupid and saying I just just keep the stuff (there was a big one with certificates?) but decided against it. I mean, I'd like my important mail to get to me too. (Though so we both wouldn't feel like jerks, I thought of giving it to my mother and have her open them. She wouldn't care.) >___>

Anyways, gave the stuff in and everything.

Saw the tarot reader yesterday, her husband translated for me. It was cool and damn good. (Plus adorable dogs)

Go figure it'd take a death and a tarot reader for my dad to finally get the picture I've been trying to drill into his freaking thick skull!

My mother and I? No love. Pure hate.

Dunno when I realized it, maybe in elementary school?

Oh, she's good at acting for other people. The tears and sob stories, Boo-freaking-Hoo! I see through it and know she's trying to win people on pity and turn them for her own use.

Anyways, after that my dad told me some of the stuff she's been saying. She's been hinting that I did stuff with one of my dad's buddies.. Which I must use caps on this: EWWWWWWWWWWW! NO WAY IN HELL!

That's just seriously gross and stupid. But she's just trying to pit us against each other like she did my dad and brother. Look where that went? Right, someone died. I'm sure she knows I don't bend to her works and it pisses her off. But she has to be nice, otherwise no house for her, but maybe a lovely well-forgotten nursing home. Cruel? Let me know when you've lived with her for over ten years.

Some of the stuff the tarot reader told me is seriously freaking me out.

Next subject before I spill the beans of other stuff of the reading.

So, the whole issue with the sale of the house is moving along for now.

Apparently the surveyors only did a Meets-and-Bounds rather than a full survey. But the paper we got confirms that a full survey took place. Anyone smell anything rotten?
:D I do!

But all in all, we basically have to agree on what we want from the legal actions we can take. Should be fun!

I seriously am hating all these people that just want money or anything else. It's stupid.

Just stop spending your money on silly vices and you'll have enough to pay your bills.

Buh-bye gonna go enjoy soaring ♥
♡ These things you cannot know ♡

Thursday, February 03, 2011
11:58 pm CET - ✘ Skitty - Be happy
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Sorry to burst you're shiny bubble...


The "Jailbait" comment wasn't for you.

You're the second person that thought it was referring to them.

The highways are closed!

Now old 83 and the Frontage Road have more traffic than usual.

And I can't enjoy flying to places.

I do get lost! The only reason I don't really get lost here is because everything eventually leads back to one of the main roads to use: Old 83, Highway 77, or the Frontage Road.

For some reason my dad thinks I'm looking into getting a tattoo..

Even though I basically yelled at him that it was piercings!

He's skulls to thick.. Maybe I should hit him... Hm.

Anyways, car is fine now. Took it in and all that. Gotta read the freaking papers the dealership in Illinois gave us and see what's covered.

My dad's hounding me about the crack in the windshield even though I got some guy to use that liquid stuff on it.

I swear there was something else...

Oh, and happy birthday to Mizu! (Even though I probably don't know you)

Can't wait for homemade Frito Pie!

Anyways, I'm heading to a warmer part of the house now.

Buh-bye! And keep warm

(Submissive Jailbait!)
♡ These things you cannot know ♡

Wednesday, February 02, 2011
09:20 pm CET - ✘ Skitty - Jailbait! <3 ;D
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Yes, I'm sure everyone gets that I've trashed your life and I'm cruel black-hearted bitch.

So, must I be in a lot of your blogs?

Also, you've ruined whatever holiday spirit I had and just the holidays in general.

Remember me to kick my dad if he EVER gives Gimp the idea to do Burger King again.

Upset stomach all day. Horrible.

Might go to that tarot card reader soon. Waiting to find out if she speaks/understands English at all. I hope so because she's good from what I've heard.

I will never ever understand family relations!

The whole second-third cousins, removed cousins, and all that junk. It's too confusing and when I start to get an understanding someone shoots it all to hell again.

Gotta do my taxes soon!

Snapped at my dad, he thought he was still paying the bills. Guess he's use to it, but he's not paying them with his money. It's mine. :D The bills are just in his name.

It's sooooooo damn cold here. I'm forced to wear shoes instead of sandals. *fake-dramatic sigh* Or be able to walk around bare foot.

Hmm, I've got two things I feel like saving for at the moment. Dunno which I wanna get first. I could just get them both but I'd rather just save on the side rather than take money out of an account.

So, Snake Bites or GPS for my car, what'cha think?

Anyways, this blog place has been decently busy rather compared to before.

Get it?

Got it?


Bye-bye all of you lovely pieces of eye-candy freaks!
;X ♥
♡ These things you cannot know ♡

Friday, January 28, 2011
05:13 am CET - ✘ Skitty - Time for D&D
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Shikki you'll get in you super-freaky-lazy smarty pants!

Well yeah.. Okay, what is auburn?

Since the new Mr. Google doesn't know, I gotta ask here.

I want those tacos!!

And we got more cookie dough. SUPER YAY!

I'm starting to forget what/when I eat


I mean NEVER EVER eat turkey burgers. They are gross beyond belief.

But turkey tacos aren't bad.

I have the tendency to twitch when in an altered state. Any one know why, please share.

Wheee, we got a truck finally he'll stop considering my lovely car a truck! For it's not a truck!
(I think...)

So, my dad found this awesome tarot card reader, and he said she was good.

I think he wants me to go try, I wouldn't mind. It's an interesting thing.

Oh, guys, what's up with the whole look-over-with-one-arm-on-the-wheel-while-the-other-is-casually-on-the-gear-shift that in movies looks cool?

Had that happen twice and was: WTF? What just freaking happened? In a weird way.

Oooh, any one else super sensitive if you're being looked at? I am. Sometimes I'm spacing out and my gaze ends up on someone but I don't realize it (obviously spacing) then when I snap to, their staring back.

Or when my cat's trying to quick attack me. I know her so well it's creepy. Well not really, she does surprise me.

I'm drawing blanks now.

Bye-bye you bodacious freaks
♡ These things you cannot know ♡

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
04:00 am CET - ✘ Skitty - DOOM!
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It's awesome you're back~


Finally got my Wii up and going.

Honestly, pick a good college that's closer Shikki and you can play the thing.

I hate jumping with Pikachu!

I wanna be a Vulpix or something cute, not his yellow ugly self.

Sorry.. but it's just overly shown that I just have to hate him.

Either way, I'm only on cause a certain someone needed DP.


Everything's not so bad lately.

Slept like I was a bear today, guess my body just knew it was super cold outside.

And a toast!

To what.. I don't care, just gives me an excuse to drink.



Well yeah, that's all.

Bye you lovely freaks
♡ These things you cannot know ♡

Friday, December 31, 2010
05:47 am CET - ✘ Skitty - Shikki share! >:O
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Haha.. The "Garage Sale" blew.

Basically my dad gave like all the money to my Uncle.. and Aunt?

Idk if they're married or not, apparently she's pregnant.. I never would've thought it.

Oh and Shikki.. You can roll up my lost days and smoke it!

And gimme your expensive drugs! I'll get rid of them for ya << >>

Yeah.. that's it.

Anyways... Happy Holidays and all that junk.

Party it up and enjoy your stupidity!


I has a question!

Are we real because we believe we are or because of the flesh bags we wear?


Whelp, I'mma go now.

Be back on say.... IDC!


Love ya Shikki {not! JK}

♡ These things you cannot know ♡

Sunday, December 19, 2010
02:11 am CET - ✘ Skitty - Huff 'N Puff!
Hits: 10307

No, there normally are super long blogs here.

Guess Shikki hasn't gotten his busy-lazy bum on here to update his eagerly awaiting fans!



What is a garage sale that does not have a garage?

A yard sale right?

So why do people still call it a garage sale?

The mysteries of human brains!

I kind of want to poke a brain but I'm sure I'd rightly vomit after.

Authors need to dump the vamp stories.

They're getting stale and seem like knock-offs to the Big Twilight series.

Pooh.. I miss Light! Weird yet cool friend that I hadn't made speak in public. How cruel.


Zim-boy, I'll try to send one of the blankets soon depending on how the Sale goes.

Dun, dun, dun!

Anyways, I'm gonna go kill some brain cells.



♡ These things you cannot know ♡

Saturday, December 04, 2010
12:09 am CET - ✘ Skitty - Ya know
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Shikki is basically the only one posting a blog almost-frequently.. though the time delays vary.


Fear my rabid kitten!


Too lazy to bother with more.

♡ These things you cannot know ♡

Friday, September 17, 2010
06:59 am CEST - ✘ Skitty - Save Me!
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I swear that woman just wants to hear herself talk!

As soon as someone is up, her mouth starts moving.

And sometimes when
no one is around.

She is so annoying!

Yes, I realize some of you think that everyone should love their parents.

Quite frankly, I only love one.

The other could croak today and I wouldn't mind.

Except with having to get rid of her stuff, that I would mind because she has a lot.

Long story about it, not gonna go into it here.

Anyways, she's bugging me to talk to her about my
feelings and junk like that.

Puh-lease! If I'd want to talk to someone about that I'd go to my friends, not a hag-wanna-be-mother.

I think I Auto-Ignore people that just continue to talk without getting to the point.


I mean... You keep talking about the same thing.. JUST SAY WHAT YOU WANT!

Not that hard, unless it's personal. I might understand then.

My dad is sooooooo lucky not to be down here dealing with her.

Honestly, I wish I was born deaf.

If there's a problem,
someone has to yell for me.

So, if I was deaf, I could just happily ignore them.

♥♥♥ Ciao!
"You are the best thing in my life."

Monday, July 19, 2010
05:42 am CEST - ✘ Skitty - Really....
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Once again..

The Worst Drivng Ever has been topped (my opinion)

Had to go to Wendy's for Frosties

Driving back home,

I turned onto a ONE WAY road

See a car coming TOWARDS me

Got confused, wondering if I was on the right street

I was.

The person was just a idiot or drunk

Or, Both!

Jeez, if you're trying to be the Worst Driver Ever

Please stop.


"You are the best thing in my life."

Saturday, July 17, 2010
08:47 pm CEST - ✘ Skitty - Seriously!?!
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I stand corrected..

TODAY was the worst driving ever!!!

On the Expressway,

My lane merges with another.

I let one car through

Didn't see the other car AS the lanes were merging

And there was a car in the other lane..

Yay for ALMOST being in a car sandwich!


Tilting, the world into a twirling mess.

03:27 pm CEST - ✘ Skitty - Jeez...
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Worst driving ever!!!!

Seriously, I've had a lot of almost accidents lately..

But after seeing this guy today, I wonder if those might not always be my fault.

The car looked like crap, no way around it.

He's driving like maybe 30?

Hits a stop light, sits there for a bit

Then turns.

What's wrong with this?

He's in the farthest RIGHT lane, as he turns LEFT!!!

"What the F-?"

I dunno why I was watching him..

Just curious about that dude....

There's a bit more, but that's mostly it.


Tilting, the world into a twirling mess.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
09:15 am CEST - ✘ Skitty - Grawr~
Hits: 6587




:D Made Levi dye my hair black

Dunno what else to do.


This is mostly nothing.

Tilting, the world into a twirling mess.

Saturday, June 05, 2010
05:42 am CEST - ✘ Skitty - Jeez...
Hits: 5793

Just three more days...


I only have a chance of failing one Final...

Just got to finish the evil report.

I plan to tell my teacher that I hope to
NEVER see him again.


Tilting, the world into a twirling mess.

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