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Monday, May 23, 2011
06:05 pm CEST - 自殺 Ghost SkiiLove - Really..
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Been a while since a blog was here I believe..

Sad, poor Shikki was keeping it up nearly all by himself.

Now it's barren, you can almost imagine a tumbleweed blowing through.

Two months.. And I still wonder, but happiness is there. Regardless of the silly problems life seems to be enjoying to press upon my surroundings.

Funny really. I got a peek into another side of the world I lived in up north for years before my father. And the place I saw it at turns out to be a recommended place to visit. It's a wonder..

I was never good with being forced to learn things or go places. I fight hard every step of the way, nearly immovable and it tends to piss people off extremely. Which I just find amusing, since they should know by now that I won't respond to force. I am born under the bull.

Hmm.. It's looking like I'll go back up to that state that has caused mixed feelings for me. Though I only seek to connect with very few friends that haven't struck out in my book. Though that could cut down on some of the fun to be had.. Things change, probably most of them have gone away for the summer and I can slip in then back out without much attention. It's what I'm good at, and how I've constructed my life to be.



-♥- She whispered, "I'm a walking suicide.." -♥-

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
03:36 am CET - 自殺 Ghost SkiiLove - Duh..
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You're highly loved Shikki, get over it man.

And Zippy, I'm not talking about that kind of 'drunk.' To me that's just buzzed. Being drunk in my book means not remembering anything at all from the previous day.

But you're right, I'm not good at it. 'Cause I don't drink a lot and I prefer things that don't make me vomit.

Finally had to retire these super awesome p.j. bottoms. Got them my Sophomore year when I was living with Dan, his mom got them for me.

SOOOOOOOO comfy. But now I keep tripping over myself in them and they became very torn up since then.

Unfortunately, I didn't have much options for the new pair.. Which are
Texas Pride-ish ones. Stab my heart right now and burn my eyes. Ugh, I hate spirit for something. It's so annoying.

Also, Canadians and Out-of-State drivers (aka Winter Texans) suck at driving. PLEASE, learn how to move out of the way for a fast approaching car. It'll make people want to cut you off less

Car show coming up.. Not looking forward to it. Especially since it's being dumped on me to do it. Car stuff is not my deal, though I am learning some random stuff from my dad now.

Oooh, I absolutely LOVE wearing my sunglasses when I'm messed up and listening to one of the compromised stations. It makes things seem all old-school. You know where new media tries to replicate the old with.. Sepia? Kinda like that. It's awesome.

Fun stuff and all. Think my dad really wants to go back to the tarot lady, don't blame him much.

But anyways, we might be buying another house or not, a lot of factors to look into for a solid answer. Though after a while we will probably need the other house.

Hmm, yeah.. that's it. I'm bored of here now.


-♥- She whispered, "I'm a walking suicide.." -♥-

Thursday, January 20, 2011
05:01 am CET - 自殺 Ghost SkiiLove - SHIKKI
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The cookies are all gone.

We have oatmeal though. (We need more chocolate chip cookies!)

Um.. shoot, I was gonna say something else but can't remember.

Oh well, anyways, I'm slowly selling some accounts.

Bored of this site and all.

Talk to me if you want, I don't really care~♥

Except for some people, damn sure they know who they are.. If not, I may not make it clear for you.

The perfectness that is L-A-Z-Y~!

Oh right.. Your blankets.

I keep forgetting

The days just blur together.

I'll send them soon. (AKA: I'll try to remember)

Might get another cat.. just figuring on how long to wait.


I'm bored now.

Buh-bye you luscious freaks ~♥ ;]

P.S. Gaia
-♥- She whispered, "I'm a walking suicide.." -♥-

Sunday, June 20, 2010
05:20 pm CEST - 自殺 Ghost SkiiLove - AFI - "Miss Murder" (Heh...)
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Did you ever suspect....? That it would end like this....? In a way you couldn't stop? Probably not. Can you remember our conversation from the other night when we were talking about prices...? I think you're right to think that if there was a price for my life, it'd be worth it for the release. I'm not sure anyone really knew me.. There are some that have a really good chance at knowing. But if you looked at me, forget that about our friendship, what would you really see? Most people will probably think I did this because of my brother, that's on partly true. When she made me that scrapbook, she picked out a picture that I loved and hated... It was of a young happy me.. I saw that she had potential to become something, but that got ruined over the years. I always tried to forget the past, but I never really could forgive and forget. But the real reason is, I can't face losing any more people. In just a month or so after, I could have lost two more people close to me wouldn't have known for a long time.. The one I don't want to lose most is my father... He's getting old. I don't think I was ever meant for this world. I don't enjoy people a lot, even as a kid. I'm usually cold, wouldn't you agree? It must match my soul. I love you, but I don't love this world and most of the people in it.

-♥- She whispered, "I'm a walking suicide.." -♥-

Saturday, October 17, 2009
10:42 pm CEST - 自殺 Ghost SkiiLove - The truth is here..
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I do not belong
Soon I will be gone.


I am done now.
If you wish to contact me look for:

CrimsonSkyJutsu, Raine, TheWhiteFangofKahona, or BabyKyubi.

My stuff will not be given away to the mass but to their rightful owners so I suggest you do not bother me.

Seeing as I won't return, except for once in a blue moon.


-♥- She whispered, "I'm a walking suicide.." -♥-

Sunday, October 11, 2009
04:26 am CEST - 自殺 Ghost SkiiLove - Oh goodness..
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Raven. Beast Boy. Shower. Alex.


Hot Pink...

NEVER did I think it'd be that much fun to torment someone.. but it was.


Definately would have been funnier with a certain person (Melanie!)

♫ You've brought me to my knees ♫

Tuesday, October 06, 2009
10:28 pm CEST - 自殺 Ghost SkiiLove - ♪~♫
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"Scream, Shout
Let it all out!

These are the things I live without."


I'm scary... buwahaha (Scary and stupid)

'Tis true, I scare off so many people.


You people should look up the band: Say Anything!

And become an addict like
Gatsuga & myself.

Fuego, Fuego!

♫ You've brought me to my knees ♫

Monday, October 05, 2009
06:12 am CEST - 自殺 Ghost SkiiLove - I am very happy Aria.
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I love you Aria! xD

Free your mind woman! And care not for the opinions of others!


Well.. that's a bit ironic.. since you DID listen to me.

But that's besides the point!

Well I really don't have a point..

Bah! Good night to you stalkers

♪ Her tears don't fall, they crash around me. ♪

05:10 am CEST - 自殺 Ghost SkiiLove - Too funny..
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Aria: "You seem so sad. I can just picture you, "*cheerfully* My mom has bone cancer!"

Me: <<; -coughs to hide the smile-

Aria: "That's something.. I'd do."

Me: >>; Hehehe
♪ Her tears don't fall, they crash around me. ♪

Sunday, October 04, 2009
07:57 pm CEST - 自殺 Ghost SkiiLove - << Fear Thy Random!
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Teen Titans

Do not doubt them!

For they are awesome!

Oh.. and I..

Love everyone.. >>

Almost everyone, but still!

♪ Her tears don't fall, they crash around me. ♪

02:06 am CEST - 自殺 Ghost SkiiLove - >> Yes.. I have a 'blog' now.
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Beware these words I speak.
They taint your ears and poison your heart.

♪ Her tears don't fall, they crash around me. ♪

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