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Thursday, July 10, 2008
03:47 pm CEST - Fox McCloud - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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Hey, first blog since I just decided to finally get one cause I didn't know what else to spend my points on...Anyways, just wanted to know in this blog if anyone plays Brawl and if they do if their any good at it because I'm looking for some ACTUAL competition! If you have wi-fi, a friend code, and tell me the character your best with, then just send me a PM. The people that I despise most though is people that cheat their way to winning like ledge grabbing (Jigglypuff -_-) and getting cheap K.O's...not cool.

If you dont have
wi-fi, then I'd still like to know if your any good, and who you use. Well, obviously the person I use is Fox, and the level I play at is about tournament level, or a...good...level anyways.

So if anyone is up to it, I'll play you if your just bored one day, though I don't know the friend code I'm using, I'll post it up when I know. So till then...

Smash Brother since 1999,

Fox McCloud

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