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Welcome t' Shinobi Legends, a browser based role playin' game(RPG) featurin' Naruto, based on Seth Able's Legend o' th' Red Dragon.
Next new game day in: 2h, 09m, 40s (real time)

Konohagakure has no special relations t' Ninja Central.
Konohagakure be at bad terms with Kirigakure.
Konohagakure be allied with Sunagakure.
Konohagakure be hostile towards Otogakure.

Eternal Vampire
Long time Staff
I work here?
Game Master
Game Master
Game Master
I work here?
There be no leader in th' Battle Arena, arr. Avast, Will ye be th' first one?
Th' most recent hero o' th' realm is: Kiyoshi

Latest News

Kiyoshi has been paddled in th' sea by Hands Of Th' Dead.
Hands Of Th' Dead laughs at Kiyoshi, "Ye actually tried t' win? Not even yer Tiny Needle did help against me Death Grip!"
Kiyoshi did fall befere Nagato In Frog Costume .
Nagato In Frog Costume said t' Kiyoshi, "Not even close"

Today's weather be expected t' be thundershowers.

Hakurei, Reimu has paddled T' Nasty ol' Snake more often than any other shinobi!
Th' warrior with most cash is: Seraphim
Th' warrior with most gems at hand is: Hakurei, Reimu

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4h days i.e. 6 new days per real day.

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