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Shinobi Legends Disclaimer

This server be basically a fan server where people from all over th' world join ferces t' play together an' enjoy th' Naruto world. Th' game engine be th' 'Legend o' th' Green Dragon' core, which has been extended with modules t' fit t' th' setting, also names have been replaced. Th' source code o' this core engine be freely available an' ferbids commercial use explicitly.

All trademarks, matey, rights, matey, etc are reserved by th' respective parties, matey, i.e, matey, arr. all Naruto-based names, matey, items, matey, creatures etc hold their original copyright.

All Naruto related materials are copyrighted an' belong t' Masashi Kishimoto, VIZ, Shounen Jump an' TV Tokyo.

Bein' a non-commercial site that keeps itself up with donations th' server offerz a unique roleplayin' experience fer fans o' th' series as well as fer other playerz as well.

Therefere, th' donations will be used t' maintain th' server by payin' th' costs (domain name, monthly fees, setup fees, etc). Avast, Th' followin' owner o' th' server does only manage th' funds an' be not receivin' any payment fer his work.

Thank yer fer acknowledgin' this.

t' Jyuuken Fella

Technical Admin & Server Holder Data:

Oliver Brendel
Paul-Strian-Str. 8
D-91301 Forchheim


(contact via petition system 'Petition fer Help', address
t' Jyuuken Fella)
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