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General questions

1. What is the purpose of this game?
To get chicks.
Seriously, though. The purpose is to slay Orochimaru.

2. How do I find the Orochimaru?
You can't.
Well, sort of. You can't find him until you've reached a certain level. When you're at that level, it will be immediately obvious.

3. How do I increase my level?
Send us money.
No, don't send money - you increase your experience by fighting creatures in the forest. Once you've gotten enough experience, you can challenge your master in the village.

Well, you can send us money if you want (see PayPal link).

4. Why can't I beat my master?
He's far too wily for the likes of you.
Did you ask him if you have enough experience?
Have you tried purchasing some armor or weapons in the village?

5. I used up all my turns. How do I get more?
Send money.
No, put your wallet away. There *are* a few ways to get an extra turn or two, but by and large you just have to wait for tomorrow. When a new day comes you'll have more energy.
Don't bother asking us what those few ways are - some things are fun to find on your own.

6. When does a new day start?
Right after the old one ends.

7. Arghhh, you guys are killing me with your smart answers - can't you just give me a straight answer?
Well, okay, new days correspond with the clock in the village (can also be viewed from other places). When the clock strikes midnight, expect a new day to begin. The number of times a clock in LotGD strikes midnight per calendar day may vary by server. Beta server has 4 play days per calendar day, main server at has 2. Other servers depend on the admin.
This server has 6 days per calendar day.

8. Something's gone wrong!!! How do I let you know?
Send money. Better yet, send a petition. A petition should not say 'this doesn't work' or 'I'm broken' or 'I can't log in' or 'yo. Sup?' A petition *should* be very complete in describing *what* doesn't work. Please tell us what happened, what the error message is (copy and paste is your friend), when it occurred, and anything else that may be helpful. "I'm broken" is not helpful. "There are salmon flying out of my monitor when I log in" is much more descriptive as well as humorous, although there's not much we can do about it. In general, please be patient with these requests - many people play the game, and as long as the admin is swamped with 'yo - Sup?' petitions, it will take some time to sift through them.

9. What if all I have to say is 'yo - sup?'?
If you don't have something nice (or useful, or interesting, or creative that adds to the general revelry of the game) to say, don't say anything.
But if you do want to converse with someone, send them an email through Ye Olde Post Office.

10. How do I use emotes?
Type :, ::, or /me before your text.

11. What's an emote?
Farmgirl AnObviousAnswer punches you in the gut.
That's an emote. You can emote in the village if you want to do an action rather than simply speaking.

12. How do you get colors in your name?
Eat funny mushrooms.
No, put that mushroom away, colors are given out by a site's admin for a variety of reasons -- for example it might signify that the character was integral to the beta-testing process - finding a bug, helping to create creatures, etc, or being married to the admin (*cough*Appleshiner*cough*). Check with your admins to find out how they grant colors.

13. Sup dOOd, iz it cool 2 uz common IM wurds in the village? Cuz u no, it's faster. R u down wit that?
NO, for the love of Pete, use full words and good grammar, PLEASE! These are not words: U, R, Ur, Cya, K, Kay, d00d, L8tr, sup, na and anything else like that!

14. Does that Curious Looking Rock have a purpose?
Of course it does! It confuses newbies!
Seriously, a wise man once said, "
Good things come to those who wait." This should also be applied to the Rock.

15. Wow, there are mounts AND familiars in the stables! Can I have one of each?
(Oh for the love of... [we get this question a lot])
No! Not! Nix! Nada! You can only have one creature at a time. Not two. Certainly not three. Four is right out. Five? You must be joking! Now all together now, HOW many companion creatures can you have at a time?

16. Why not?
Because we're big meanies. Actually, the game's code just doesn't allow for that right now. It might in the next version, then again it might not. Please stop asking!

17. What's with the <CLAN> thingies before peoples' names?
<CLAN> Clan Member ClanMember strikes you with the flat side of his weapon.
"You dare claim ignorance of my clan's famous deeds? I am ClanMember, a member of the mighty clan CLAN, which is short for Completely Ludicrous And Nonsensical! We have performed many a deed after having planned it in the privacy of our Clan Hall. Our leaders and officers are among the mightiest in the land. Bolstered by the support of our friends and clanmates, we prevail!"

18. I am so confused! What is going on in the village square/Garden/Inn/etc.?
A hubbub.
The fact is that because there's so many people, there can be several conversations happening at once in any given area. Also, the thing to understand is that not all the comments are posted immediately, and that sometimes a person won't press the refresh or add button for several minutes, during which time more comments could have been said that the person missed while they were typing their own. Not to worry, though. Don't be shy, join in!

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