Stat reset
Frosty Neji2014-06-22 12:34:08

I copied the stats from live again - passwords and all :)

Please take care about how you behave here... we can and will carry rule-breaks to live punishment-wise. :)

Frosty Neji2013-07-29 18:46:54
... for testing online

Passwords + accs
Frosty Neji2013-07-13 15:12:05
have been synchronized.

Hyuuga KG
Frosty Neji2013-05-04 12:28:02
... has been buffed.

Cost for 1st halved
Power buffed in 64 palms

Frosty Neji2013-04-01 12:36:40
Check out the Ten-Tailed Beast Yin.

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