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Please note that the following email providers will most likely not even deliver our mail or at least put it into the spam folder:

* aol.com
* aim.com
* yahoo.com
* web.de

The reason is simple: People report verification mails or similar as spam, hence the providers block us often.
That's a great improvement, really -_-

If you want to get mail, you need to email your providers and tell them you did not receive anything but would like.

Then use "Forgotten Password" to retrieve a new verification email.
If you choose an insecure password like your first name or something that is in a dictionary, you RISK LOSING YOUR ACCOUNT!

Characters that have never been logged into will be deleted after 1 day(s) of no activity.
Characters that have never reached level 2 will be deleted after 10 days of no activity.
Characters that have reached level 2 at least once will be deleted after 90 days of no activity.
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